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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  March 1, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EST

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perk up that sex drive. at 9:00, desiree rogers planning to step down after criticism for her handling of the first state dinner but did she quit or was she fired. a white house reporter will join us live. we'll get the scoop coming up at 9:00. fox 5 morning news just getting started this monday morning. good monday morning. we are into march alady. there is a live look right now off in the distance. you see the nation's capitol and temperatures not bad out there this morning. thank you for joining us for fox 5 morning news. we should mention that garrett county schools are closed today. that area got a lot of snow over the weekend. >> they've been getting a lot of snow. >> the ski resorts out there will be open until mid-june. >> by then, maybe the rest of us will be thawed out. >> absolutely done with this weather but before a few more days of t our temperatures will be in the upper 40s. more sunshine than yesterday. but the wind will continue to be unabated here out of the west and northwest. so it will be a little wind
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windy out there. don't be fooled by the sunshine and the relatively warmer temperatures. let's get started with a look at current conditions a cross the area, we are above freezing. 35, ocean city. 39 for you in fredericksburg. 37 in winchester. not a terribly cold start to the day. although we'll have the wind out of the west and northwest. satellite-radar, look at the top of your screen on the right. that is that storminess that got us going this weekend. look at that swirl in the foyer. almost looks like an eye off there to the north and east if you've got a wide screen there. snow back into boston, central and western portions of massachusetts. no problems for us as far as rain or snow today. we will be deal with the winds accompanying that storm. the wind will pick up again and they will be gusting out of the north here at about 0 to 30 miles per hour during the course of the day -- about 20 to 30 miles per hour during the course of the day. 48 in baltimore. 48 for you as well in
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chantilly. we are generally headed in the right direction today. same can't be said for tomorrow into wednesday although right now, it doesn't look like awe major event. we do have a chance of more wintry weather. >> i love how he says major vent. >> well, we've had major events. >> thank you, tucker. >> let's check in with julie wright and say good morning to her. >> we are not looking so bad right now. off to pretty much a quiet start around town. overnight construction down at the hot lane ramp around 66, all of that has been cleared. lanes are open. it is quiet around the top stretch the beltway between college park and bethesda. southbound 270 behaving nicely for those heading out towards rockville. the commute in virginia off to a good start as well crossing over the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we begin this hour with developing news out of chile. two days after the massive earthquake left the country in
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devastation, so far, the death toll has now surpassed 700. >> there has been widespread looting and the search continues for those buried under the rubble. sarah simmons joins us with the latest. >> reporter: as you mentioned, looting seems to be the big focus among government leads right now to the point where they are even using tear gas to throw into buildings to try to disperse those who are trying to get ahold of food and supplies. in the meantime here at home, people are praying for their loved ones who are in the middle of of the devastation. as the ground beginned to shake, you then hear the screams followed by flashes of light from nearby electrical wires. it is not surprising to learn the death toll is rising in chile. many were killed along the coast when the tsunamis washed many homes out to sea. also, looting is a major problem. police are trying regain control and, in some areas, they have started distributing
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supplies to women only. >> they can take them home for their children so we avoid more incidents like this one and organize supplies. >> there are a lot of people that are totallup act bible for right now. >> reporter: back here in our area, communicating with loved ones has been difficult. >> i have 23 uncles and aunts, 67 cousins. >> reporter: monica kinney says so far, her family is being the for. the one cousin no one could seem to find finally popped up on facebook. he had only enough battery power in his laptop to chat for a few minutes. >> i mean it was like so wonderful and at the same time we were sitting there, quick questions. have you heard from so and so. do you know where everybody is. >> reporter: monica and other members of the chilean cultural corporation, gathered to watch live aftermath of the earthquake in chile. >> wead to wait until the government gave us the okay to start ask people for help and
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that came through today so now we can move forward. >> reporter: in the meantime, secretary of state hillary clinton is set to begin a five- nation tour of latin america. she is expected to tour chile's capital tomorrow. live at the embassy, sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >> thank you. the images coming out of chile are just heart breaking. in many cases, the snapshots capture the sheer power of the earthquake. this image shows a flooded area about 200 miles southwest of santiago. >> and take a look at. this this image shows overturned vehicle that were driving along a highway that collapsed during the earthquake. >> our coverage doesn't stop here. can you get the latest developments 24/7 on our web site including ways to help out. click on the news tab on the home page. the transportation truck is trying to figure out what cause
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the a deadly plane crash in edgewater. residents say they've seen their fair share of crashes. the pilot tried to land that small plane at lee airport but a witness says he saw the plane flighting in the wrong direction, hitting a few trees and falling out of the sky killing the pilot. that witness says this is the fourth crash in the last 15 years. metro's temporary fare hike now in effect. the boarding charge jumps a dime. buses i'm dime as well. the fare hike is expected to last through june although metro is considering another increase later this summer. the canadians skated to the
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gold in overtime. that cost president obama a case of beer that he offered to canada if the u.s. lost. the united states had the record-winning most medals. 37 total medals, nine of them gold. canada picked up 26 and won the most gold with 14. relief might be on the way for the millions of americans out of work. we'll tell what you lawmaker on the hill are expected to do this week to help. lus, president obama's first physical since taking office. we'll tell you the three things doctors say he needs to do to improve his health. stay with us. you are watching fox 5 morning news. time now is seven minutes after 5:00.
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making headlines at ten minutes after 5:00 this morning, if you are out of a job, help may be on the way. the septa's second top ranking republican says he expects republican lawmakers will vote to extend unemployment benefits this week. senator onkyle says republicans will agree to it as long as congress finds a way for fund. it the benefit are part of a larger package of government programs that just expired because lawmakers couldn't gree on how to pay to keep thm going. president obama had his first routine physical since taking office and the results are inform the 48-year-old is
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in excellent health according to his doctor at bethesda naval medical center. the doctor did have a few recommendation. he said mr. obama should continue to try to stop smoke, keep up exercise to strengthen his legs an modify his diet to lower his ldl cholesterol below 130. akio toyoda will speak if beijing as part of a broader effort to restore his company's reputation. the trip follows toyoda's meeting in washington where lerj american lawmakers grilled him about -- where american lawmakers grilled him about the recalls. new recommendations about the seasonal flu shot. we'll check on call. slightly warmer air in town yesterday. will it stick around for your monday? i'll have all the details on the forecast and julie wright will have a look at your on- time traffic right after the break. they've been discovered to be life enhancing.
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more light snow will stick around the northeast where more than 200,000 people are still without power. a powerful storm walloped the northeast with high winds snapping trees and cutting power to people. dozens of shelters have been set up. >> we should mention that garrett county school are closed today. that area got a lot of snow over the weekend. garrett county public schools closed today. i looked out in the backyard yesterday and we have this little stone wall and i can barely see the top of it. >> so it is on its way back. >> that is a good way to look at it i guess. we did get some melting going on. >> it has been melting for a couple of weeks. the good news is it has been melting slowly. i am starting to see some patches of grass in my neighborhoods as well. so i think things are looking up here. we may see some daffodils and
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crocuses pretty soon. >> let's not cover them with snow again, please. >> we'll do our best. this morning, temperatures have been worse. mid-30s to start. lots of sunshine expected and our sunshine getting a little earlier each day. want to give you the heads up. it will still be breezy out there with winds. they will be gusting later today. another day with winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour. that is the worst part of this forecast. temperatures as i mentioned in the 30s. we are 38 at reagan national. that is not too bad. 36 in gaithersburg. quantico is 38 at this hour. fredericksburg, you too are 38. you are at freezing. 38 in annapolis. upper 40s to about 50 today but with the wind continuing out of the west and northwest, it won't quite feel that good. here is our most recent look t wind gusts. 22 in quantico. 19 in gaithersburg. we're in the getting a report in washington. it will be picking up during the course of the day.
5:17 am
16 is the most recent wind gust in annapolis. we had some sprinkles and flurries. a couple of light shers yesterday. no problems today and tonight. as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow, look what we have lurking off to the south and west, wouldn't you know it? it is beautiful. another storm system. this one look like it is going to track across the south t will try to curve up the coast want to emphasize most likely, stay just off to the south and east that it will just brush the washington area. at least the possibility of more wintry precipitation in the forecast tuesday night into the day on wednesday. i think the worst it was should stay offshore. we'll have to fine tune the forecast as we get a little closer to it because it will be pretty close. all right. mostly sunny skies for today. still breezy out there. winds out of the north and west here gusting to 30. daytime high, 49 degrees. that is not too bad. your five-day forecast, we'll
5:18 am
cloud up tomorrow. there is that wintry mix tuesday night into wednesday. temperature will be critical this time around. look like it could be rain off to the south and west of d.c. that is good news. highs by friday back into the mid-40s. let's get to on-time traffic and the one and only dance machine, julie wright. >> where did that come from? >> i don't know. you are a good dancer. >> i just can keep beat. i keep time really. we outer loop of the beltway, no accidents to report ads you travel between college park and bethesda on the ramp to exit at 123 and head outbound toward tyson's. that is where we have a disabled truck. truck has lost its wheel. you can squeeze by but it will be a tight squeeze for you. traveling south along 270, lanes are open out of hyattstown, headed southbound down towards the truck scale. lane are open eastbound along 66 as you travel east of nutley street in towards the capital
5:19 am
beltway. light volume here. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are on call with a new study that shows there may albright link between increasing asthma rates an a common chemical, bpa. its a chemical commonly found in some plastic bottles. researchers at the university of texas gave female mice a dose of bpa. they found it made their offspring more sensitive to allergies. you've probably gotten your flu shot already but health official are announcing new flume flue recommendations that you want to know about for the future. they are urging every person over six months old to be vaccinated. elizabeth prann on call with details. >> i highly encourage for the university recommendation one. >>a key health committee voted unanimously to recommend hat every american above the age of six months should get vaccinated against the through next year. the advisory committee on immunization practices advises
5:20 am
the centers for disease control on vaccine issues. what they recommend usually becomes policy at the cdc. >> they took a historic vote this week and recommended that universal flu vaccine be provided. >> reporter: that on the heels of the food and drug administration's recommendation that three vains of flu including h1n1 be combined into one vaccine. the recommendations start a six- month process of preparing next season's flu vaccine. >> it takes a long time to produce flu vaccines. the technology we use right now depends on eggs. we have to grow the vaccine vains of the virus up in eggs and the companies work on this really from january through september. >> reporter: once the viruses are harvested from t egg, they are used in vaccines after testing and fda approval, the vaccines are shipped to doctors, pharmacies and hospitals. it is a lengthy process they are working on modernizing. >> the next step is the cell- base ad approaches. the u.s. government has been
5:21 am
working with industry to support investment in that technology. >> reporter: cell-based technoly produces vaccines without chicken eggs making it reliable and faster, especially important during pandemic's like last year's h1n1 outbreak. health officials hope to grin producing vaccine by 2013. there is a recall involving girl scout cookies i'm kentucky bakery is pulling some batches of the lemon creams because of people reporting a foul taste and smell. so far, no one has gotten sick and the company says they are safe to eat. cookies were drked in two dozen states including maryland and d.c. time now is 5:21. the united states won the overall medals count at the winter olympics with 37 but canada took home the most gold, 14 gold medals. >> for the host city, was it really worth it? we'll tell you why vancouver may turn out to be the big loser in all of this. you are watching fox 5 morning news.
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determined to rise from the tragedy and the mishaps of the opening ceremonies, canada rebound wand exuberant closing show. 06,000 people jammed into the b. c. palace stadium to watch a show full of beavers, flying moose an mendte of mounties. >> hosting the olympics is certainly an honor for a city and its country. some cities lose money and raise attacks off the world event. >> reports say that vancouver
5:25 am
is expected to lose billions of dollars in this winter olympic games. fox's dan springer has the story. >> reporter: as vancouver says good-bye to some 300,000 foreign visitors, it is time to continue the olympic money, both what was made and spent. merchandise and ticket sales were good. restaurants an hotels packed. local wines were on display and officials used the games to lure dozens of ceos to pitch them on bringing their business to british columbia. >> having the olympics he gave us the platform and gave us the reason for them to come. >> reporter: but skeptics question the lasting benefits of hosting the olympic games. >> company aren't going to invest and move to a jurisdiction based on the winding and dining of the olympic games. they will move based on the skilled work force, the investment climate and the location of jurisdiction. >> reporter: while some host cities make money, most end up in the red. agentens and montreal lost
5:26 am
billions and had to raise attacks. in vancouver, the final price tag is unknown with estimates from $6 billion to $9 billion. must. that was spent on infrastructure. >> the big problem with the olympics tday is that governments use these games as an excuse to put forward massive infrastructural spending. >> reporter: most cities have seen little to any tourism bumps after the games. >> we have abeen carefully preparing a huge database of everybody who has contacted us about the olympics. we have running a massive advertising campaign around north moshing. >> reporter: some of the benefits are intention i can't believe. even with all the unt serchty, people are lining up for their chance to take center stage. leaders in lake tahoe said they
5:27 am
will make the bid to host the winter games in 2022. >> we have much more ahead. >> the people of chile strug toll survive after a massive quake there over the weekend plus the government crackdown that is under way in that country. i'm sarah simmons. i'm have the details in a live report when fox 5 morning news returns. 
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welcome back. taking a view from tower cam this morning. we should mention while conditions are good here, to the west, they are not quite so good. garrett county schools closed once again today. that area got a lot of snow over weekend in western maryland so once again, garrett county public schools closed today. >> a little bit windy here as i stepped outside today. >> yeah, a little breezy at this hour and it will be windy later today. no showers but it will still be reezy but more sun. so i think all in all today will be slightly nicer than yesterday with the temperature pping out a few degrees warmer than yesterday as well. temperature right now, 38. at last look across the area, we are generally in the mid- 30s. we only had one or two spots at the freezing mark. that is a bright spot in the forecast. there are those wind and they will be increasing throughout the day. again, we are talking gusts later today about 30 miles per hour or so. so it will be a breezy afternoon. all right.
5:31 am
satellite-radar. look at the top of your screen. look at what is happening back into boston, back into western massachusetts. more snow. that is the same storm system that threw a knockout punch to portions of southern new england and the new york tri- state area during the weekend and it is very slowly getting out of the here. ments a factor in our area because that is where the winds are coming from. we continue to watch that rotation for us. more sunshine in the fast today but still kind of cool and breezy out there when all is said and done as the wind chill values will be hanging out in the 30s for much st's day. mostly sunny skies, breezy. 49 for an afternoon high with winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour. changes for tomorrow. more clouds and the clouds come with other things. we'll have more on that coming up. >> a little bit chilly because of the wind. >> you got it. >> thank you. before we get to traffic, we want to point out that metro's temporary fare hike is
5:32 am
now in effect. the increase is to help reduce the boarding charges. fare hike is expected to last through june. the metro is considering another increase later in the summer. riders on fairfax and montgomery county connectors will see a 10-cent fair hike today also. let's get to julie wright. >> we do have the lane open around town. light volume as you make your way across the wilson bridge. outer loop to head outbound towards tysons corner, that is where we had a stalled truck tying up part of the ramp. 395 north of duke street at speed as you continue out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. we are following the aftermath of that massive earthquake in chile over the weekend. the 8.8 quake has left an incredible amount of damage and devastation. >> more than 700 people are dead. 500,000 homes are destroyed or damaged. aid is pouring into the country from all every on the world.
5:33 am
sarah similar monday is live at the chilean embassy in northwest d.c. >> reporter: they on expect the death toll to continue to grow. the big concern right now is looting in that country. the president is sending 10,000 troops into those areas where looting has erupted. when the massive 8.8 quake are to through the ground, it caused many of the homes and buildings to crumble. the scale of the disaster is huge. >> reporter: residents inside at the time struggling to get out safely. >> we could only get out by going upwards. we found some light and we realized it was a window. we thought we we going to die. >> reporter: the quake affected 1.5 million people. police are responding in force to isolated outbreaks of looters desperate for food and water. >> it is a necessity. we don't have food or water, anything. >> reporter: those word able begin the propose she was
5:34 am
picking through what used to be their hopes and neighborhoods. many of the remost coastal towns hit hard by tsunami waves. >> it was horrible. we lost everything. the cars, our car and our son's car, the house, everything. >> reporter: the u.s. state department asking american travelers to avoid tourism and nonessntial travel and asking americans in chile to make contact with their relatives. and in rome pope benedict xvi prays for the millions affected bit earthquake. >> my thoughts go to chile and the population caused by the quake that caused several losses of human life and serious damage. >> reporter: in the meantime, secretary of state hillary clinton beginned a five-nation tour of latin america today. she is expected to tour chile's capital tomorrow. live here at the embassy, sarah
5:35 am
simmons, fox 5 news. >> the images just heart breaking. in many cases, the snapshots capture the sheer power of the earthquake. this image these a building about 70 miles from the epicenter that was broken in two. >> about a half million homes were severely damaged in this earthquake. this image these a building burning on the outskirts of santiago. our coverage count stop here. can you get the latest coverage on the situation in capitol hillee on our web site including ways to help on our home page under the news tab. the to figure out what caused a deadly air crash. the pilot tried to land a small bane at lee airport. a witness said he saw the plane flying in the wrong direction, hit a few trees and fell out of the sky. the witness said it is the fourth crash in the last 15 years. we are following breaking news from prince george's
5:36 am
county. four people have been struck by a vehicle. it happened just before 3:00 on university boulevard in langley park. the injuries range from minor to serious though everybody is expected to be okay. the driver of the vehicle was arrested on the scene. this more than, a u.s. marine stationed at fort myer in arlington is in trouble with the law. 21-year-old jorge torres is accused of robbing a woman at gunpoint. police say tried force her into a car and stole her purse. police are investigating whether torres was behind a kidnapping and sexual assault involving two other women in boston just hours before his arrest. they score! >> that shot tied the game and left everybody on the edge their seats. let's head to overtime now where sid the kid crosby gets the puck and slams it for the game winner. 3-2 canada and canada taxes the gold in hockey. >> canada took the most golds overall but the u.s. still with
5:37 am
some serious bragging rights with the most medals ever won in winter game history, 37 total. germany followed with 30 and canada with 26 but canada with the most gold medals at 14. tragedy striewkz a famous entertainment family. new details on the death of marie osmond's teenaged son -- tragedy strikes a famous entertainment family. stay with us. fox 5 morning news continues after the break time now is 5:37. [ music throughout ] [ male announcer ] achievement: starts small...
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the killer whale show back up and running at sea world orlando just days after a veteran trainer was killed. the first show since the tax included the tribute to dawn brancheau mauled by the whale known as tillie and drowned last wednesday. they said her long pony tail may have looked like a toy but they don't know what caused the whale to attack her. singer marie osmond released a statement saying her family is devastated by the tragic loss of her son michael. he was 18 years old. reports say he jumped to his death from his apartment building in downtown los angeles. he had reportedly left a note which pointed to a life long
5:41 am
battle with depression. the grandson of robert f. kennedy has decided against running for office. he loves being an assistant da and he wants to stay in that job. a top state democrat has said he was weighing a race in the democratic incumbent decided against seeking re-election. help may be on the wait for thousands of people who don't have jobs. senator john kyle says he expects republican lawmakers will vote to extend unemployment benefitthis week. the senator says republicans will agree to it as long as congress find a way to fund t benefits are part after larger package of government programs that just expired because lawmakers weren't able to agree on how to pay to keep them going. so just what is it like to be out of a job for six months, a year, even more? >> a challenge for sure but there is a special advice for this group facing an uphill unemployment battle. we'll take a closer look at that. march might be coming in like a lion with more winter weather in the next couple of days. we'll take a look at that.
5:42 am
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we're in the human energy business. chevron. how about over here? hmm... let's go back to the left. uh... waffling is back at dunkin' donuts with the return of the waffle breakfast sandwich. two oven-toasted waffles with a hint of maple, complete with fluffy egg, a slice of melted cheese, and now with delicious sausage. so hurry in today because it's only around for a short time. america runs on dunkin'. try our oven-toasted waffle breakfast sandwich today, only at dunkin' donuts.
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5:45 am
in dallas, texas. >> she was a teacher there for nearly two decades before moving to the windy city back in 194 #. her friends say she is still active in her church. >> i appreciate the years i've had and they weren't too bad. >> to put thing into his perspective for you, ethel has been alive to see 0 presidents beginning with william mckinley. >> gulf air the county schools out in western maryland closed today. they got a lot of snow over the weekend. >> they've been closeed a lot up there. i think 13 out of thelast 17 days or something like that. >> that is amazing. i want to start with good news. our average daytime high is 50 degrees. by the end of march and it is the beginning of march, guess what the average daytime high will be. >> 60. >> 61.
5:46 am
>> love it. >> this will be the month where we transition to spring but not today. 36 in gaithersburg. these are actually fairly mild. we are in the mid- to upper 30s across most of the area. 38 in quantico. 41 in culpeper. 38 at this hour in martinsburg. we want to mention the winds. they are going to be picking up out of the west and northwest. today, it will be just breezy out there with a left sunshine. still, we'll be talking about breezes of 25 to 30 miles per hour during the day today. it will feel cooler than that. no showers, no snow expected today. but i think the wind will continue out there as we are under that north and northwesterly flow. all right. you wonder where our next storm system is coming from. wouldn't you know it? from the south right across texas. getting its act together. you can see the big spin in the
5:47 am
atmosphere. the thinking with this storm and the general good news with this storm is it looks like the worst it was should stay well to our south and east. i don't think we'll get hit in the nose with this one. we do have a possibility of some more wintry weather as we get into the nighttime tomorrow. tuesday night into wednesday morning. temperatures will be critical here. eventual track of this system will be critical. but it looks like right now the worst of it should stay well to our south and east. there it is, that area of low pressure developing. it will slide to our south and east and it looks like we'll take the southerly track than the last couple. we should just be brushed with it. lots of clouds in the forecast late in the day tomorrow. a chance for a wintry mix. i'll say snow north and west of washington way chance of some rain, maybe a little mixed precip south and east as we get into tuesday night and wednesday mornin again, the right now, we are thinking that the accumulations should be on the lighter side. keep your fingers crossed. still breezy out there. high temperature 49 degrees with winds gusting out of the north and west here to about 30
5:48 am
and where you are five-day forecast, 45 tomorrow, we cloud up. notice the temperature are going to be critical there. overnight low tuesday night into wednesday, only 32 degrees. we'll have to see how cold it gets around here tuesday night. either way, we should clear things out late wednesday. thursday and friday look nice but cool. that is a look at the forecast. let's get to julie wright who has the late with our traffic. >> not looking so bad right now. we had a stalled truck on the outer loop of the beltway to exit into 123. that fellow lost a wheel. all of that situation has been resolved so we're back in business right now. outer loop looks fwootd leaving college park headed around towards 270. -- outer loop looks good leaving college park headed around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. not vague permanent paychecfor any period of time can be stressful. but imagine being unemployed for a year or even longer. that is the new reality for a
5:49 am
lot of people. fox's peter deucey looks at programs designed to give support to the long-term unemployed. >> reiner hasn't had a job since october 2008. >> it is difficult to remain motivated on a day to day basis. >> reporter: he is one of the 6.3 million americans who are long term unemployed, jobless for six months or more. a problem that seems to only get worse as time goes on. >> what happens is the company finds that they have one person here out a month and one person here out eight months and they say all things being equal, maybe someone else saw someone in that long-term unemployed that i'm missing. maybe a safer bet to hire the shorter unemployed person. >> reporter: because of this, many like reiner find long term unemployment even harder to deal with. >> extremely depressing to the point where i do see a therapist counseling. >> reporter: as the group, the long-term unemployed are more likely to have problems with things like relationships an alcohol. >> it is very stressful. there is denial and then there
5:50 am
is anger, acceptance. >> chicago's career transition center helps those out of work find balance. rob king has been out of work for six months. he says the career transition center has taught him to treat joblessness like a job. >> my full-time job is finding a job. i try to keep that same kind of regular schedule of from 9:00 to 5:00, i'm actively looking for work. >> for those who can't stay upbeat, it may be best to start from scratch. >> going back to spring traing. you have to go back and re- examine who it is you know, places you've lived before, maybe go back to those markets as wll to look for jobs. >> reporter: the key to emerging from long-term unemployment is focus. don't get addicted to soap operas but do look and see what kind of support your city or state has because chances are help is closer than you think. all you have to do is ask for it. in chicago, peter deucey, fox news. >> thousands of federal workers being furloughed today including in our area. at 6:00, we'll have the
5:51 am
details. a little trash truck north of the border. cong up next, wait until you hear what hockey fans in canada have to say about their win over the united states in the olympic hockey finals. you are watching fox 5 morning news. what pes-- for the worst allergies,
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i want a product with the best decongestant. my choice is clear: claritin-d. (announcer) nothing works stronger, faster, or longer to relieve your worst allergy symptoms, including congestion, without drowsiness. get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. live claritin clear. laxatives? i've tried all these. this one's gritty. this one can make you bloated. clearly, miralax is the one for me. it relieves my constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax. restore your body's natural rhythm. it as been a tough swashing not nearly as tough as for the new jersey nets. nets entered the game last night with just six wins on the
5:54 am
season. the wizards at least had 20. first half, nets on a break. the dunk and new jersey built a 14-point second quarter lead. taking advantage down the lane and then andre with a career- high 36 plus 15 boards. late third quarter, that was game tied. boykins to thornton up ated no another big-time dunk. wizards with their first lead since the first quarter. wizards clinging to a two hon point lead. wizards had to rally to beat the six-win nets but they did. duke on a break here. deciding not to shoot. drops fof on the lay-in and foul. he made the free throw. second half, john shire knocking it away, driving after the loose ball. duke ends uphamering virginia 67-49. the cavs have now lost seven in
5:55 am
a row. merld women entered yesterday's regular season finale winners of four in a row over florida state but they lost to florida state by 33. the terrapins in danger of missing the ncaa tournament for the first time in seven seasons. team canada defeated team usa in the olympic gold medal hockey match-up. mwas one to remember and had to go into overtime. >> we have alike at how fans across the border were celebrating yesterday's big win. >> it's over! gold medal to canada. and the reaction from hockey canada. >> sort of tipped his head to say my goodness, you were good. >> and sydney crosby. >> didn't ve any in the 60 minutes. got the winner.
5:56 am
>> often measured in fleeting minutes as they happen. a hockey writer named steven summers penned that. >> thousands of federal workers are being furloughed today including a lot of people right here in our area. we are going to have the details on that for you. you better thing think twice before you post something on one of those popular networking sites like facebook or twitter. an attorney will join us next hour with a look at some of of the things that can get new trouble if you're not careful. stay with us as you look at the capitol.
5:57 am
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it is being described as a catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude. the earthquake in childee. we'll have the latest on the hardest hit areas and how you can help. 2,000 federal workers are off the job today, furloughed an not getting paid. many right here in our area. why do lawmakers allow this to happen? fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. it is monday morning. it is march 1st. not too early to start thinking about spring although we have a few more winter days to get through here. but right now, this is a beautiful shot of the horizon from tower cam. hopefully, we're in for a decent day today. i'm gurvir dhindsa. >> i'm steve chenevey. we want to mention get


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